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Ghazi Arabians is located 50 Km south of capital Islamabad, in the picturesque district of Chakwal.

The name Ghazzi Arabians is a dedication to Sufi saint, Abdullah Shah Ghazzi, a great grandson of the prophet Mohammad's (P.B.U.H). He travelled to present day Karachi, Sindh as a horse trader in the late 7th century, where he settled. His shrine is located there.

My love for horses started early but faded away with time as I grew up only to discover it again. In 2007, when I decided to buy a few horses for my farm; my first choice of breed was the most treasured and noble, the Arabian. Considered by the desert Bedouins a priceless possession and cherished for its beauty, loyalty and stamina. At the time, the only Arabian horse breeding programme in Pakistan was at the state stud, Remount Depot, from which acquiring horses was a difficult task. To start our breeding programme, all our Arabian horses were imported from overseas.

As we expect to grow with time, our goal is to breed quality Arabian horses proving themselves not only in the show ring but also under the saddle.



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